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Buying a Portuguese passport is open to anyone, with no restrictions on your nationality or residency. You have to be skillfully educated and also can contribute to the nation’s economic growth.

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Portuguese Passport Online

Portuguese passports are issued to Portuguese citizens for the purpose of international travel. The passport, together with the Citizen Card, allows the right to free movement and residence in any of the states of the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland and Germany.

so If you are a foreign resident in Portugal and you want a Portuguese passport/citizenship, feel free to contact us and you will be eligible for a passport which entitles you to travel for up to 180 countries visa free. Buy Portuguese passport online.

buy portuguese passport online

Buy Portuguese Passport Online

Portuguese Passport Index

The international ranking Henley Passport Index 2019/2020 considers the number of countries in each passport that allows to entry in a country without a visa, meaning that with a Portuguese passport you can travel 185 countries without a visa.

Portugal has the sixth world’s most powerful passport in 2019. This means that its holders can entry without a visa in 185 countries, the same number as the holders of North-American Passport Holder, UK PassportAustrian PassportDeutsche PassportSwedish Passport and Norwegian passports and only in less than five countries than the Japanese people, whose citizens have open frontiers in 190 countries. 

Those positions are part of the last international ranking related to 2019/2020 Henley Passport Index that periodically evaluates the capacity of the passports in the world, taking in consideration the number of countries that allows the access with the need of a visa. Buy Portuguese passport online

While Portugal heading for the top, Japan and Singapore (189) maintain the first two places in the ranking, followed by France Passport and Germany Passport, whose passports allow entry without a visa in 188 countries; Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweden (187); and Luxembourg and Spain. Behind Portugal in this top 10 are countries like Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Czech Republic, Malta, Australia, Iceland and New Zealand.

The Henley & Partners President, Christian Kalin, who created this index, says that the ranking is a positive aspect in an increasingly isolationist world. “The generalized dissemination of open doors policies has the potential of contributing billions for the global economy, besides creating significantly job opportunities in the world. Buy Portuguese passport online.

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Is the Portuguese citizen's card equal to a passport?

In many circumstances, a passport or driver’s license can still be used as an identification document. However, the “identity card” or “citizen card” is required by the Portuguese authorities. The Portuguese citizen card is a travel document valid throughout Europe except Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, as well as Egypt, French overseas territories, Georgia, Montserrat (max. 14 days), Turkey and on organized trips to Jordan (through Aqaba airport) and Tunisia. However, to enter Egypt, a visa is required via the electronic visa system or on arrival (a passport photo is required on arrival).

How To Get A Portuguese Passport Online

Buy portuguese passport online

If you are not ready or are willing to lose your current passport, Portugal may be a good choice. The country allows dual nationality and several options for expatriates who wish to apply for a Portuguese passport. Contact for guidance.

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Types Of Portuguese Passport

  • Standard electronic passport (PEP) issued to citizens
  • Diplomatic Passport (PD) issued to officials carrying out diplomatic business
  • Passport for Foreign Citizens (PCE) for stateless individuals with no other passports who have the right to reside in Portugal. Valid for two years.
  • Special Passport (PES) given to government officials who perform certain Public Administration functions
  • Temporary Passport (PT) issued in certain emergency circumstances for a period of up to one year

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