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The Blue cover UK passport will be one of the most technically advanced passport in the world. Gem-alto has been awarded the contract to supply a new generation of UK passport. The new blue non EU electronic passport has been introduced in 2020. The new British passport will integrate for the first time a poly-carbonate data page and include new security features developed by Gemalto. Discover some of the major changes impacting the new travel documents.

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Holistic Security Design.
Our goal is to design a passport so secure tha it’s authenticity can be trusted beyond any doubt. We focus on protecting both the document and the client data. Security relies on the document design, its production environment as well as the personalization process. A strong design demands the association of security features that are simply to check and through to alter with a passport structure that protects its integrity.

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Setting New Standards With The Latest Technological Development

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The UK passport has always been a universally trusted document. It allow nationals to prove who they are and the freedom to move around the world. That’s why the new UK passport will be one of the most technically advanced anywhere in the world, offering holders outstanding protection against even highly sophisticated attempts at forgery and counterfeiting. The holders data will be duplicated on an electronic microprocessor embedded in the document, which features a secure operating system ( OS ) that has been developed in-house by Gemalto. It is fully compliant with relevant ICAO ( International Aviation Organization) standards. Buy British passport online.

Polycarbonate For The New British Passport.

High-end security features also include the use of polycarbonate rather than paper for the passport data page that contains the holder’s biographic details. This transparent material has interesting optical properties, is very flexible, and has a very good impact and heat resistance with an overall great durability. And no surprise this material is also used to make bulletproof glass. When use in pure form and not mixed with other plastics, the different layers of polycarbonate fuse together to form a solid monolithic structure. Buy British passport online / Buy UK passport online.

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It takes up to 5 working days to renew or replace a passport online. This applies to both adult passport and children passport.

You may need a passport urgently to travel, work or prove your identity for compassionate reasons.

Don’t book a trip until you have a valid passport – your new passport will not have the same number as your old one.

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We have the very best in technology to create and register your UK passport, as well as insiders in the government who provide us with encrypted data for a quick and secure process to obtain your UK passport. Depending on the country you are in at the time of application, obtaining a UK passport for a non-UK citizen is an expensive process and requires a high level of trust from both the customer and agent’s perspective. Every year, more and more frustrated business people whose passport is limiting their business opportunities turn to World Passport for their years of expertise and hands-on support in making their dream of buying a UK passport come true.

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You can contact us via Email or What’sApp for your passport application forms online.

Because of coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s taking longer to process paper applications than online applications. Use the online service to get your passport. Buy UK passport Online, Buy real registered UK passport online.

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